We carefully select our suppliers to ensure that you use the product as long as possible, carefree and full of fun.
In many cases, our offered warranty and customer loyalty programs will significantly exceed the statutory consumer protection norms, which provide a 2-year warranty for the use of the product and the right to return a new / unused product.
We have supplemented the statutory guarantees with several loyalty and return programs, which will allow you to get maximum joy and satisfaction from the fact that you have chosen to cooperate with us and have purchased the goods of our represented brands.
Trek & Bontrager lifetime warranty!
From 2020, TREK assumes full responsibility for all production errors and defects frames and carbon wheel rims throughout their service life! If the bike has changed hands, the warranty period for the above parts will be 3 years from the date of purchase of the bicycle, frame and original wheels.

The warranty case will not apply to everyday wear and tear, improper use, improper assembly / maintenance and use with non-original parts. Warranty in itself will not include TREK dealer personnel costs required to perform parts / frame assembly / disassembly.
You can read more about the TREK warranty program on the global TREK website
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The warranty will not cover everyday wear and tear, improper use, improper installation and use with non-original parts.

The warranty does not cover dealer staff costs required to assemble / disassemble the part / frame


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